About Us

CloudFoqus is a leading Training institute primarily focusing on giving training on Cloud and Cloud related niche technologies.

We provide specialized training in Amazon Web Services and other cloud based technologies.

CloudFoqus is endorsed by Infrastructure heads of great IT companies like Infosys Technologies, Sapient and Yatra, hence be assured that you are going to get best learning experience.

The courses are structured in a way to help you understand and deliver cloud-based solutions using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

Attending one of our courses will help you understand and deliver cloud-based solutions using the AWS platform. CloudFoqus also provides courses that will help you prepare for your certification exam

CloudFoqus offers Training and Certification courses to help you develop your skills and experience working with AWS services and solutions.

Benefits of Our Courses

blue-dot1-150x150 Hands-On Experience

Your classroom training involves hands-on LAB training and we will provide you with access to tablet devices so that you can practice real time.

blue-dot1-150x150 Multiple lab sessions 

Real time demo will give you step-by-step instructions and confidence to work on AWS Console in a live practice environment.

blue-dot1-150x150 Experienced Trainers

The greatest benefit of doing a course with CloudFoqus is that you get to train on AWS concepts by AWS CERTIFIED trainers.

All of our classroom sessions are led by AWS trainers which allows you to work directly with the experts to gain familiarity with AWS capabilities and get your questions answered

blue-dot1-150x150 Get trained on the Ultimate Cloud Based Solution

AWS is Flexible, Cost-effective, Scalable, Reliable, Elastic & Secure. Joining a course, will help you with AWS certified trainers.

This will help you deliver all this learning to the projects in your organization. Course available include AWS Level 1 , AWS Level 2 AWS Level 3 and other advanced courses.

The courses are custom designed in way that helps you understand AWS according to your experience and Cloud exposure.